What Prospective Employees Really Want in a Post-COVID Era

In order to better understand whether in-office or remote work is the better choice for companies, northAmericanĀ® Van Lines, and Corporate Mobility Today conducted a survey about employee preferences related to remote work and moving. The survey included 477 employees from different seniority levels and industries.

The findings of the study suggest that for director-level and below, fully remote roles are the most desirable, while roles that require a mixture of in-person and remote work are a close second. Senior and VP titles have a preference shift, with 61.5% of senior respondents wanting a mix of in-person and remote working.

So, in light of these results, what can your company offer to be truly competitive?

Delocation, or the practice of moving an employee to a more affordable location while offering remote work as an option, is becoming more and more popular. This is due, in part, to the fact that many people are now interested in living in less populated, more affordable areas. Cities and towns are beginning to offer cash incentives to remote workers to move there. All of this points to a major shift in the way we recruit and retain employees, as well as where more white-collar workers will be living in the coming years.

In today’s job market, it’s essential for companies to offer a relocation benefit if they want to attract top talent. According to recent research, the most effective way to do this is by providing a full-service corporate relocation program. This program is 298% more effective in overall recruitment, 80% more effective than reimbursing employee relocation costs, and 22% more popular than offering a lump sum payment. If your company wants to stay competitive in the post-COVID era, it’s time to start offering a delocation benefit via a full-service corporate relocation program.

Bobbi Maniglia, VP of Corporate Sales and Mobility Services for northAmericanĀ® Van Lines, shares the complete study here.

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