Best Times to Move in 2022

In the United States, the busiest times to move are between May 16th and September 9th, and between December 21st and December 31st. Other busy times include May 5th – May 15th, September 10th – 30th, November 13th – 22nd, and December 10th – 20th. Ideally, avoiding these weeks (and months) will result in a more efficient and successful move.

However, if it is not possible to avoid the peak of the moving season, you should do your best to plan and book moving services in advance (up to 3-4 months in advance if you are planning on moving during the summer!). Otherwise, you may face challenges such as scheduling conflicts, truck shortages, and extended closing dates.

If you need to move during winter, try to avoid days with heavy snowfall or holidays, as these can further complicate the moving process.

Being familiar with moving trends will take a lot of guesswork out of deciding when to relocate. Some of the moving trends you can expect in 2022 include rising inventory levels, still rising real estate prices, and a continued exodus to suburban areas.

By understanding the best times to move in 2022, you can take advantage of lower prices and greater availability of services. 
Each year, northAmericanĀ® Van Lines produces a Best Times To Move Calendar that we find very helpful in planning any type of moves. You can download it here.

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