Ultimate Guide to Relocation and Moving

It can be difficult to relocate an entire staff, but with the right planning and execution, even this ambitious undertaking can turn into a smooth process. The Ultimate Guide to Relocation and Moving offers comprehensive information on all aspects of relocation, from policy development to selecting the right moving company.

This guide is a great resource for mobility teams looking to relocate groups of employees in an efficient and effective manner. Here are some of the topics covered in the guide:

  • Analyzing and choosing the type of relocation program that best suits your needs
  • What factors should be considered during policy development
  • Insight on how peer companies are acquiring relocation and moving services
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • International relocation
  • How to select the right relocation and moving partner

The guide also includes a number of resources for employees who are making a move. These resources can help simplify the process and make for a more positive experience.

Don’t allow yourself to drop the ball on such a significant undertaking. Read through this guide put together by Bobbi Maniglia, VP of Corporate Sales and Mobility Services for northAmerican® Van Lines, and make the process easier for everyone involved. Download it right here.

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