Household Goods Pricing Review

One of the most challenging aspects of creating an employee moving and relocation policy lies with the portion of the policy that refers to household goods moving. Out of all the benefits included in a moving and relocation policy, household goods moving is probably one of the most costly, but the real challenge is determining the actual price your organization pays. Many moving providers respond to Request for Proposal (RFP) using a “discount” or a “discounted rate”. This pricing practice was a result of moving companies using a Common Rate Tariff.  So a move from New York City to Los Angles would cost the same across all moving companies and it was up to each carrier to decide whether or not to provide a discount and the amount of that discount. 

However, in 2008 the moving industry was deregulated so there was no procing transparency between moving companies. What good is knowing the discount, or the discounted rate, when you don’t know what rate the discount is based on? Selecting a moving vendor solely on a discount can leave the most seasoned mobility professional scratching his or her head when the final moving invoice arrives. 

What HR and mobility professionals need is pricing transparency for household goods moves. A Household Goods Pricing Review with an experienced household goods moving and relocation professional can take the mystery out of the moving estimate or proposal and help your organization get the pricing transparency it needs to make an informed decision.

Here’s what you can expect from a household goods pricing review:

  • Instruction on how to evaluate moving estimates to ensure you are comparing “apples to apples”
  • Guidance on ways to develop an RFP for moving services that generates transparent, comparable pricing from all potential vendors
  • Professional evaluation of past moving invoices so that you are confident your company is receiving the services it truly needs at the best value.
We recommend you contact Bobbi Maniglia, VP of Corporate Relocation and Mobility Services at northAmerican Van Lines to request a review. Not only will Bobbi review your current policy to help you identify potential savings but also review past invoices from your current vendor which will provide some pricing transparency.

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