Corporate relocation research

Current State of Corporate Relocation & Employee Moving

By now, it’s no secret that the relocation industry has suffered many long-term socio-economic impacts of the pandemic in the form of increased transportation costs, talent shortages, process delays, etc.
However, despite such detriments, the relocation and moving sectors have proven themselves to be incredibly resilient as travel stabilizes and a new workforce emerges, generating demand for operations and career advancement, cross-training, and remote work options.

So, where does that leave the relocation and moving industry as we get further into 2023?
To shed light on current corporate policies, better understand the major players and motivators and predict future trends, northAmerican® Van Lines commissioned Corporate Relocation Today (CRT) to collect updated industry data surrounding corporate relocation and employee moves.

The research study was conducted through an online survey that collected responses from 335 HR, Procurement, Finance, Operations, and Supply Chain Professionals involved in, impacted by, or responsible for managing their company’s employee relocation programs.

The results of the survey are a comprehensive report that provides detailed insight into the types of relocation and moving programs being offered by organizations and the subsequent policies, practices, and driving forces that influence the buying process.

To access this 22-page report, please go to the northAmerican website here.

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