A Guide for What Can’t Be Moved

When moving, there are a variety of items that professional moving companies cannot move either due to safety issues or laws that prohibit their transport. This guide serves to educate transferees on what items they are not able to transport so that they can be prepared for their relocation.

Items that professional movers will not transport due to safety concerns include anything from hazardous materials to firearms and ammunition. Transferees who have a large number of firearms and ammunition may want to consider commissioning a licensed firearms dealer who can legally ship these items across state lines. This ensures the weapons are handled safely and within the law while insulating the transferee from potential legal issues.

Items that the transferee should move can include high-value items, personal documents, animals, and plants. If they are unable to take these items with them, it is important to take special care in ensuring their safety. For example, if the moving company is transporting high-value items, it is the transferee’s responsibility to make sure to include these items on the high-value inventory form. Food is generally not something that should be moved on the truck, as it can spoil during transport.
The VP of Corporate Sales and Mobility Services for northAmerican® Van Lines, Bobbi Maniglia, offers a complete guide to what type of items and possessions can’t and shouldn’t be moved with a professional moving company. Download the guide here.

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